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Staging to Sell

On average, properly staged homes sell fasterPhoto of Staged Living Room than those that haven't been prepared for market. Staging a home highlights the features that show a home in its best light. HomeScape Stagers takes the guesswork out of readying your home for sale by thoroughly evaluating its exterior and interior just as a potential buyer would. We make reasonable home preparation recommendations with your budget in mind, keeping home-selling expenses at a minimum.

Once a technique only applied by the savviest of sellers, home staging has become a universal necessity in
today's challenging real estate market.
A Properly Staged Home

Looks Better in MLS Photo Gallery

...90% of potential buyers view photos online to determine which homes they want to see

Persuades Buyers that Your Home Should be Their Home helping them visualize how to use the space

Sells Faster and Commands a Higher Price

...enhancing returns for sellers and their agents

Guided by your budget and your goals, Robin McGlinchey will help you highlight your property's best features and create a powerfully positive and lasting impression. While preparing a home for sale can be stressful, you'll be happy to know Robin isn't just exceptionally qualified—she's also a pleasure to work with.

Staging Consultation
Quotation Mark HomeScape Stagers
takes the guesswork
out of readying your home
for sale by thoroughly
evaluating its
exterior and interior
just as a potential
buyer would. Quotation Mark
HomeScape Stagers assesses many aspects of your property, including:
Robin will provide you with a prioritized list of action steps to help focus on the most urgent needs first, giving you the power to limit your out-of-pocket expenses.
Photo of Redesigned Child's Room

Interior Design
Many of us reach a point with our home where we desire a change, a fresh look. A different point of view helps us see potential in our homes that we may never have realized otherwise. HomeScape Stagers will study your home and provide tailored recommendations on color and furnishings that reflect your personality, needs for functionality and budget.
HomeScape now offers vision boards, design-in-a-box and virtual design. Contact us to find out more!
Area Redesign
...for Parties, Events — or just for Living
Sometimes giving a single room or area a new look is all that's needed to set the right tone for your home. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering, a special event, or just want to update part of your home, HomeScape Stagers will help you create a well-thought-out plan that meets your requirements.

Organized Living
Have you struggled to maintain an orderly and clutter-free living environment? HomeScape Stagers offers organizational strategies and shares techniques for maintaining household order.

Party Planning
We will help you prepare your home for a gathering, assisting with décor, menu planning and beverage recommendations. How easy is that?

Holiday Decorating
Photo of Holiday Decorations The perfect gift for yourself or someone else, our holiday decorating service includes:

Marketing Collateral Photography
Online photographs are an integral part of marketing your home. We can photograph and supply digital files for your marketing and collateral needs. Keep in mind, 90% - 100% of potential buyers view photos of homes online to determine which they want to visit.