Working together
to stay on budget

“We hired HomeScape Stagers to help us finish our dining room, kitchen and living room. We had started and stalled and needed help with bringing it all together and making it flow. Robin has great ideas and is very collaborative. She created a Pinterest board for us to share ideas to understand our vision and help us put it into reality. Also, she had DIY ideas that helped keep cost down. We would highly recommend HomeScape Stagers”

— S.C. in Chester Springs

Incorporating a clients wants and needs into cohesive design

I hired Robin to help me stage a home for sale. I lived in the home for almost 25 years, so you can imagine the house had a lot of stuff in it. Robin's role was to help me figure out what to do to make the house attractive to buyers. This included getting rid of things, deciding what to leave, painting only what needed to be painted and staging the outside of the house too. Robin made excellent suggestions in terms of how to thin the junk pile, how to rearrange furniture, which paint colors to use, what bedding and bathroom accessories needed to be updated, what indoor and outdoor repairs were necessary and she recommended professionals to do the work. All suggestions were excellent and helped us sell our house in a few weeks at very close to our aggressive asking price.
I am certain this would not have been the outcome without Robin's advice.After that excellent experience we used Robin's services again on the house we purchased and were renovating. Robin helped us with every decorating decision - wooden floors, tile, granite, lighting and many other things I'm sure I'm forgetting. Robin also helped us work out a lot of issues we had in redesigning the floor plan of our renovated house. It was a very difficult process and Robin was helpful, full of ideas and very patient with people who never did this sort of thing before and don't have a natural ability in such matters. Robin's help was critical in our getting both of these projects done in short order and with great results. Her prices were excellent, especially given the outstanding services she provided and her level of expertise. You should hire Robin and HomeScape Stagers.

— L.T. in Exton

Down-sizing doesn’t have
to be a headache or a heartbreak

Robin helped me when I was downsizing from 4000 sq.ft. to 1/4 of that space. Most of my furniture was waaay to big, other pieces dated, and I was living in a cluttered, used furniture store. She helped me curate the best stuff, create storage space where there was none, find inexpensive solutions for problem spaces, and lighting issues and made it fun in the process.Her fees are more than reasonable; her ideas creative and all in all she is a pleasure to work with.

— E.S. in Concord

Rediscovering a home’s great features and showcasing them

Robin is a terrific home designer, turned my house into something immediately saleable. I have nothing but the greatest respect for Robin as a very engaged professional and a most wonderful person as well.

— K.W. in West Chester

Seeing what needs to be done and doing it

Robin has been a pleasure to work with. I am currently doing several projects in my home--renovating my guest/kids' bathroom, renovating the master bath, redesigning my bedroom, and renovating my kitchen. Robin's great at assisting me in picking out tile, window coverings, furniture, flooring, etc. She has done as much or as little as I've times taking the lead with purchasing and following up with the contractors and other times finding information for me and letting me do the leg work. She's efficient, fairly priced and very, very good at what she does. I love working with Robin!

— K.P. in Malvern

From staging to interior design, Robin delivers

I have known Robin McGlinchey since 2009 when she staged our home for sale. We were down-sizing in a less-than-friendly market. But once Robin
staged our home, there was no turning back;
we had an agreement in six days.
Like it or not, I was moving.

Once we settled into our new home, I contacted Robin, and I have continued to partner with her to this day. Robin is an extraordinary person, generous to a fault. She has a keen eye for scale and color, a way of seeing, really— the big picture
and the particulars.
Always the consummate professional, Robin is a talented designer, a wise advisor, a reliable resource and ultimately, a trusted friend. I can always count on Robin McGlinchey.

Most recently, Robin and I collaborated on a kitchen renovation, but not just a kitchen reno. Instead, Robin planned an open kitchen/dining/living space. Her design was complemented by a team of dedicated craftsmen whom she assembled for the project. For months, Robin herself was on the job leaving no stone unturned. Day in and day out, she advocated for me, her client, until the job was done, fine-tuned, really, to her satisfaction and mine. 

Clearly, our home is a testimony to Robin’s vision and ingenuity. She is a seasoned professional who is dedicated to mastering her art—the art of gracious living. There is none like her.

— M.D in West Chester

You’re only as good as those you surround yourself with

I have had the great fortune of knowing Robin for 19+ years. I know her personally and professionally. Robin has the ability to see the big picture, the application of her vision and the impact on the overall project. She invests in her projects no matter the size. It goes without saying that she possesses creative vision. She is dedicated, resourceful, and committed to helping her clients bring soul and a sense of home to their house. Robin is truly a joy to work with, she keeps all the plates spinning in the air..

— K.M. in Malvern